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Human life is strongly defined by experiences and events. These events and experiences are often conveyed to others in the form of stories and conversations.


Increasingly for many demographics, and very much so for younger generations there is no distinction between the digital and physical world. This is evidenced by nuances in conversation such as “we were talking about this on (insert social/message platform) the other day”.


What is happening (here), is that people have relationships and conversations that are fluid between the different media and platforms available. A person can start a conversation in a messaging platform then jump on to twitter and join in the fray of a trending topic, mention the same person then hop over to Instagram to share images and have a video chat afterwards on Facebook or Snapchat.


To the end user, platform specifics subconsciously  come into play to shape how and when things are shared. But images are images, chats are chats, moments are moments.


As brands, we should take a cue from the behaviour of our audiences. This means delivering experiences and telling our brand story harmoniously across a person’s daily life. And requires a commitment to thinking cross-platform at the very inception of your marketing strategies.


I hope you found my post insightful, it’s the first in a series of blog posts about brand experiences. So until next time, like share and leave a comment below.  


Written by

P.K. Woode  

 Creative Consultant and Brand Strategist



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